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Elizabeth Ladejobi
I like yaoi. A lot so that means i am most likely a fujoshi. i also like to read fanfics on
Hello to the few people who stal-I mean follow me. If any off you draw I would like to know if someone would Draw some of the picture that I have of my sister, My best friend and I.


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The ground shook with the sounds of their battle cry and the sounds of feet stomping quickly on earth as the warrior’s and the White Wizard ran to rescue the Basteel from General Banes grip. They were a tidal wave of warriors, with the White Wizard leading them forward atop his noble steed while holding out his white staff that beamed with celestial light. General Bane’s soldiers were blinded by the light and could not focus their weapons properly on the enemy that head their way. In an instant the tidal wave of warriors swept through them. Cries of death could be heard coming from General Banes soldiers as the warriors slaughtered and broke through their flanks. Some soldiers had tried to flee but it was no use. In the end General Bane soldiers were defeated. High atop the tower you peer through binoculars and shout “WE DID IT! WE’RE SAVED!” as you turn to look on the faces of Team Gratitude behind you, you see that they are occupied by something else that was happening. Fran the woman with rabbit ears dressed in scantily clad black armor had blood running down from her abdomen. She lay in the arms of her beloved partner Baltheir, he pressed her closely against his chest. “Everything’s going to be alright” said Baltheir as tears escaped his eyes and down his cheek. “You were…you were never a good lair” replied Fran as the blood loss had exhausted her voice. She lifted her hand to cup his cheek. “Looks like I…exit…stage…left” she said as her hand slipped away from his cheek and she took her eternal sleep. Baltheir hugged closely, as he pressed his cheek against hers and began to sob. You put a hand on his shoulder but he yells “LEAVE ME!” and you do so, along with the rest of team gratitude as you head outside to meet with your saviors.
Meanwhile, outside Mobis-New-Nest and General Bane were still locked in mortal combat. “Congratulations Mr. Nest on the victory” said General Bane. “We don’t have to keep fighting, it’s over Bane” replied Mobis. “I am not like my soldiers, you see yielding is not one of my virtues” said General Bane. They continued to fight and finally Mobis ended it with an uppercut that took General Bane off his feet and landed him hard on his back. “If…I had…the energy…I’d clap to your victory” said General Bane, breathing heavily and exhausted. “Can…the sarcasm, you can…you can atone Bane. You can save many lives, you know I.R. and Dr. Nefarious better than I do. Help me put an end to all this” said Mobis as he stood over the defeated General Bane.  “Oh there will be an end to all this Mr. Nest but I don’t think you’re going to like the ending of you and your comrade’s story. You want my help? Then hear this. Something festers in the heart of city, something you have failed to see. Even as we speak I.R. and Dr. Nefarious are pressing their advantage. You don’t truly think The Favor will save us all? The child will suffer a grievous chastisement for ever having stood in I.R. Baboon’s way. If you do not believe me then take this as proof” said General Bane as a large black crystal Orb. “Orb of the Forseers?” said Mobis as he picked it up. Within an instant Mobis body shook as his eyes went dark and the Orb had begun to use its powers and Mobis was seeing visions of the future. He saw the Basteel burned to ashes, his comrades dead bodies hanging in displaying in a black castle and then he saw you, you were chained to rock, burning in an endless blaze of torment and lastly he saw The Evil Dark Lord I.R. Baboon dancing and prancing over a victory for having triumphed and killed Team Gratitude and in his hand he held The One Site To Rule them all, power he sought for so long now the bane of all existence in his control. The visions had ceased and Mobis dropped the Orb but it did not shatter or crack. “Ha ha ha, did I not tell you? Before the very end you will wish you and The Favor died in that cell we put you in” said General Bane. Mobis had for the first time felt a suffocating fear.
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